Creating the Internet of Insight

Greenflow provides IoT consulting and turn-key projects to support your digital strategy.

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We shape and implement your digital strategy

We are experts in wireless sensor solutions and connecting devices. Through data aggregation, visualization and analysis we create business value for you. With our IoT platform Tingsense or through 3rd party solutions we will create the insight into your business that helps you to take the right decisions.

Any sensor or data source
We use LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM or any proprietary technology to measure and aggregate your data. With sensors or through Modbus and other bus systems.
Consulting Services
We will help you to create or implement your digital strategy. We can analyze and specify your requirements for procurement processes or deliver a full solution as a system integrator.
You own the data
With our solutions such as Tingsense you own the data. Access it via API or request the full database. It is single tenant. We focus on security and do not want to lock you in.
Explore time series data
Call us old-fashioned, but we do believe that some IoT challenges are best solved by plain math, domain knowledge and a thorough look at graphs...
Machine Learning
...for all other IoT challenges we can use machine learning and AI to find hidden relationships and create KPIs that you can base decisions on.
Connect to any cloud
We implement solutions that can interface to any cloud such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and systems.

Simple, yet powerful dashboards

Visualize complex relationships in simple dashboards. This example shows a smart building dashboard. Use advanced analytics to make sense of your data driven enterprise. Your KPIs, your goals, your insights.

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Fast time to value

Greenflow has projects within the areas of smart buildings, smart cities, waste management, industrial IoT and many others. But our key strength is to gather any measurements you need and turn them into actionable data. Our versatile platform and graph engine allows quick custom projects. If you are a company that wants to let data work for it Greenflow AS is your partner for a fast time to value.

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We can provide turn-key solutions with sensors included or provide Tingsense as a SaaS solution for OEMs or system integrators. Our focus is on quickly creating value for our customers. Many different sensors and sensor technologies are already implemented. New integrations will be implemented quickly. For the more commoditized part of IoT like smart waste management, smart lightning, smart parking we work together with partner companies.

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Some example use cases for specific verticals

Greenflow has cooperation agreements with selected providers of IoT solutions.
We will always advise you to choose the most appropriate solution for your use case.

Smart Buildings
Greenflow provides its Tingsense platform with specific analysis options for smart buildings. Please ask for a demo.

Smart City / Infrastructure
We can provide smart waste management, smart lightning, smart parking and water management. We can also combine this with our building analysis platform.

Sensor networks
Wireless sensor networks feed various data into our IoT platform. This works just as well for industry 4.0 as for environmental protection.

Security and Automation
Security is a key success criteria for IoT. With our partner Device Authority and our embedded Linux automation and security software we keep your projects safe.

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